Parking Lot 3
Games Description
Hop behind the wheel and put that baby in “park.” In Parking Lot 3 you don’t have to worry about the conditions on the road because you spend each level in a parking lot, with the goal of parking your car. You will see that one space is highlighted, indicating your destination. You want to prove how skilled you are by getting your car parked as fast as you can, but you’ll encounter various hazards which will slow you down. You may have to drive around potholes, through fog or over ice, and you have to maneuver around obstacles like walls and other cars. Each time you crash your car gets more damaged until it is totaled. If you total three cars, you lose the game. Beat a level fast and with no damage for the best score.
Instructions :
Left/Right arrows keys are to steer. UP key to accelerate and DOWN key to decelerate/stop/reverse. SPACEBAR for handbrake.
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